We understand some people don't like wearing masks but for now we are enforcing that everyone must wear a mask to enter sales. No exceptions. We will allow small groups in.  Please be courteous to those around you. Try to shop as quickly as possible so we can get everyone in. Please don't come and argue with us about this. If you can't wear a mask please wait until we go back to our normal sale routine. We are all stressed and doing our best but we have to watch out for all our customers, which include some in high risk groups. Thank you


November 22nd 

Sunday 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Everything Reduced!!! 

108 Wilson Drive



We were slammed all day but we still have a lot left. Everything will be reduced tomorrow. Lots of furniture, clothes, shoes, kitchen items and many bins of Christmas decorations. Come on out and lets make a deal!! 

Beds, antique furniture, dressers, tables and more...The pictures below are NEW pictures.. 



We had several customers complain this past sale about people leaving bags or other items to hold their place in line. This has never been an issue in the past but we feel we must address this problem. After one customer said, " what would stop me from leaving a bag on the door knob the night before the sale?" I feel they have a valid point.

Moving forward, no one may leave anything to hold their spot in line. It's not fair for everyone else that is willing to wait. If you leave your spot, you lose your spot. Bring a chair and an umbrella. This also means no sitting in your car. If you have a medical problem that prohibits you from standing in line, please let us know before you leave your spot. Thanks