We understand some people don't like wearing masks but for now we are enforcing that everyone must wear a mask to enter sales. No exceptions. We will allow 10-15 people in at a time.  Please be courteous to those around you. Try to shop as quickly as possible so we can get everyone in. Please don't come and argue with us about this. If you can't wear a mask please wait until we go back to our normal sale routine. We are all stressed and doing our best but we have to watch out for all our customers, which include some in high risk groups. 

Our fearless buy out guy has agreed to help us with upcoming sales. He will be interacting with customers and taking money. We will be there to assist him with pricing, but because I am in one of those high risk groups I will not be closely interacting with you all. We want this to run as smoothly as possible.

Please let's all work together so we can continue holding sales for you to shop at.. We miss seeing you all.


Saturday July 25th 10am - 2 pm

101 Kendall Court


Lots of nice things. China, Collectibles, Antiques, Rugs, kitchenware, Moo Roo purses, Lots of Vintage  Clothes, Books and more!  

Please read the rules for entry. You must wear a mask at all times inside the home. Thank you 



Sunday July 26th 11am - 2 pm 

419 Dogwood Circle


Treasure hunting sale. Come and dig around. We are only posting a few photos because we are not setting up most of the house. Mid Century items, Vintage kitchenware, entire crafts room, garage items. Clothes, furniture, Everything!

Masks are mandatory for entry, sorry.