We have quilts for sale. Come and see them on Saturday. You will need to email or call for details. Private Sale

 October 2nd 

Sunday 11 am  - 12:30 pm

Summerville  - Address will be posted on Friday. 


Just a small sale, but our client needed help. That's what we do. Sometimes we just help people. Can you imagine living out of state, having a relative pass away, having a limited amount of time to clear the house and not having anyone to help?? We have a lovely client and we are happy to help. 


There are a few pieces of furniture

We are bagging up a lot of costume jewelry

A lot of Blue and White!!

Asian decor

Kitchen cabinets are full

Full pantry

Hospital bed 

There are 2 scooters and the owner is willing to donate to someone that needs them


We did not take a bunch of pictures. Just come out and see if you can find a treasure. 

The home is in a senior development, we can't stay long. Parking spaces are limited. So, if we get there a little early and there are people in line, we are going to open up. Don't want to take spaces away from people that need them. 

Thanks for understanding.