We Offer Complete Estate Liquidation - From Single Items to Complex Estates
We strive to get you the Highest prices possible.
Decades of combined experience.
Expert pricing and researching techniques.
Extremely Reputable and Highly Recommended.
Top Notch Advertising


You will NEVER incur an "Out-of-Pocket" Expense.

All costs associated with the sale are paid for by us, including: Advertising, Staffing, Supplies, Marketing, Research and Set Up. 


Our Services Include, but are not Limited to:


Set up of the premises.
We provide tables, table cloths, lighting and display cases.  We will clean items when needed.  Everything will be sorted and beautifully staged. We want our buyers to feel welcome and we always want that "homey" feel. We want them to think "that would look great in my house."



One of the most important parts of a sale. We want to know exactly what every item is going for before we open the doors on sale day. Here is one thing we will NOT do. We will never tell a client what we think they want to hear just to land a sale. It's a waste of time and money for everyone involved. In the age of smartphones, buyers know immediately when sale prices are "jacked up". A successful sale is a sale that's priced right. We have Top Notch pricing skills and our "sell out sales" reflect our hard work and knowledge-ability.



Depending on the sale we tailor our marketing plan to suit your needs. For instance, when advertising a modest sale with fairly common items to sell we would concentrate our efforts locally. Between our local mailing list, websites, craigslist and newspapers we can "Really Pack 'Em In!" On the other hand a High End or Specialty sale would require a broader audience. We can Nationally Feature a sale and reach 50,000 people in one click of the mouse! 


Sale Day
Your sale will be conducted in the utmost professional manner, with our trusted estate sales staff located strategically throughout your home. Depending on the size most sales are 1-2 days long. It takes a lot of thought and planning to run a smooth sale, with the first few hours of the first day being the most hectic. The line out front can be very long and we always have a staff member letting people in to keep the flow at a steady pace. All valuable breakable smaller items are kept in display cases at all times. Security is provided when needed.


After the sale.
This is also a very important part of the sale. We promise to stick with you until the last item is out of the home. This is very important for our clients that live out of the state or even out of the country. We take this step very seriously. We have held many sales for clients that we never even met. Relatives pass away and the family is nowhere near South Carolina. All sales are unique and we will make arrangements to dispose of unsold items via auction, donation, or clean out. 


Other services. 

Sales are only one aspect of our services offered. We can help you with so many other needs. We have helped clients, organize, pack and move. We can get you referrals to auction houses, realtors, repairs, maintenance, etc... We can assist you in pricing your own items and we can evaluate items for you after a loved one has passed. 

Place Your Trust in Calibrie Lowcountry Estate Sales.

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